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Potpourri by Laura Heine - Flower Stripe Lavender

Potpourri by Laura Heine - Flower Stripe Lavender

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Potpourri by Laura Heine for Windham Fabrics

Potpourri uses my signature palette which I call bright pastel. The collection includes a mixture of soft floral motifs and low volume backgrounds. I love to use scripts when I collage. The script fabrics in this collection are great to mix and match or can be used as blenders! Make what you love with this collection. It is perfect for the classic quilter as well as the collage quilter. Potpourri is a fun collection of designs for your imagination! - Laura


Fabric is sold by the whole yard. If you would like to purchase partial yardage, please call us at 330 644-6100.

All fabric is 42" - 44" wide. 100% Cotton. 

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