T-Shirt/Memory Quilts

Turn your favorite T-Shirts into a keepsake that will last a lifetime. 

These make fabulous gifts for any of life's milestones, including graduation, retirement, birthdays, weddings and more. 

T-Shirt quilt intake is done by appointment. Appointments last approximately one hour. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 330 644-6100. 

Before your appointment

  • Please gather all shirts you would like to have included. If necessary, wash and dry your shirts. 
    • Wall hanging: 4-9 shirts
    • Throw:12-25 shirts
    • Queen: 25-40 shirts
    • King: 36-56 shirts
  • Consider the colors you will want to compliment your shirts. This can be a color to match the shirts themselves, or a favorite color. 
  • We generally cannot work with the following items. You may bring them with you to the appointment, but we cannot guarantee that we can incorporate them.  
      • Gauze
      • Taffeta
      • Sequins/Beading
      • Onesies/Baby Clothes
      • Prize ribbons
      • Loose knit clothing including some sweaters, shawls, and scarves



The minimum price for any T-Shirt quilt project is $250. 

 Quilt Size Price Range
Wall Hanging $250-$350
Throw $300-$500
Queen $500-$700
King $700-$900


The cost of your T-Shirt quilt depends on the size of the designs on your T-Shirts and the number of shirts used

After your appointment, you will receive a detailed quote including measurements of your shirts. 

We require a $250 deposit up front to begin work on any project

Quotes are valid for 8 weeks from the date listed on the quote. If no response is made after 8 weeks, and items are not retrieved, they will be disposed of at the discretion of Ohio Star Quilts.